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Before 1960...

Over the past couple of days there have been a number of emails from alumni who graduated before 1960 who were complaining about the fact that their year was not listed on the signup paged (and therefore could not signup).

I can assure you that these Atherton classes were not left out for any discriminatory reasons of any kind. It was simply a matter of how I expected the site to grow. Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected over 30 years of Atherton graduates to become members of the site in the first 2 months of the site's operation.

I kept the number of signup years short, so that those first signing up would not be frustrated scrolling through a long list of class years. I thought, quite incorrectly, that the site would be limited to the 80-00's for quite some time before growing outward. Then several requests for 60's and 70's came in so these decades were added as well, but again in the interest of keeping the list short that is all that was added.

The signup page now includes registration for classes all the way back to 1924 (which I understand is the first year of Atherton's operation).

I hope all those offended by this situation understand the circumstances and that they were not being purposely excluded from participation. Graduates from these years are as welcome as all current AthertonHighSchool.com members to participate in the online Atherton community.

--dannie '87

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