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Access to Atherton Directories
Locate other members of your Atherton class.

Access to the Atherton BBS
Join in online discussions with other online Atherton people.

An Atherton Email address
Registration will also get you an easy to remember email address at athertonhighschool.com. Your classmates will be able to easily find you no matter how many times you change email addresses. Your new AHS.com email address will be Firstname.Lastname@athertonhighschool.com (long but easy to remember). Email to this address will be redirected to your current regular email address. If you change email addresses, simply repoint your AHS.com address to your new email address. No need to send out notices that you`ve moved. Your Atherton friends simply keep using your AHS.com address.

Listed in the Atherton Directory
As you other Atherton friends become registered members, they will be able to easily locate you as well.

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